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In nowadays, the numbers of cars are increasing so rapidly all over the world, especially big cities in rising nations. We all have the same serious problems like shortages of parking spaces.

There is not much land left in urban cities in Japan and spaces enable to develop likely to have many restrictions, particularly in big city Tokyo.
In order to solve this problem, Aplus has been developing customer-oriented car parking systems meet various demands.
We have a high degree of technical skill and have installed many mechanized car parking systems under the difficult conditions more than 20 years.

Aplus has been keeping on the top market share in Japan where mechanized parking system is so advanced and widely recognized as one of the leading makers in Japan. We have confidence in holding various types of car parking systems that are designed to meet any hard request all over the world.

Aplus has already tied up with companies in China, Singapore, Philippine, India and UAE and another co operations are now under way.
To solve the parking problems, Aplus would like to be helpful to everybody in everywhere around the world.

Not only we design and install multi-storied mechanized car parking systems, but we provide effective parking solutions for housing and office complexes, shopping malls, railway stations, hospitals, museums, etc.
We propose the extensive mechanized parking systems that suit a variety of the site and designs requirements.